District Museum in Suwalki
16-400 Suwałki, ul. T. Kościuszki 81 | tel. (+48) 87 566 57 50
Exhibition in the form
of panoramic presentation



The realisation of the presentation funded
as part of the programme EU Interreg Lietuva-Polska
Project: LT-PL-5R-389

„Ach!” cabaret

Page from "Ach!" cabaret programme
public domain

After the American guests leave by an aeroplane, Mefisto is left and there is a duel of two roosters fighting in his name in the next act of the show. They are holding big goose feathers so it is easy to guess that they are professional writers. The first rooster personifies Lithuanian Courier and the second one Vilnius Messenger. There two roles are played by aristocrats: Count Rostworowski and Broel-Plater. Watching the fight for words and themes, the audience also observed the same duel by grabbing one of the daily newspapers everyday.