District Museum in Suwalki
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Exhibition in the form
of panoramic presentation



The realisation of the presentation funded
as part of the programme EU Interreg Lietuva-Polska
Project: LT-PL-5R-389

„Ach!” cabaret

Page from "Ach!" cabaret programme
public domain

The first performances of the „Ach!“ cabaret consisted of unrelated humoristic scenes, songs, jokes and dances. Later, the show revolved around a specific story. In the sixth edition of the cabaret there is a surprise appearance of American guests who arrive in Vilnius thanks to the use of celestial powers, resulting in a cake-walk on the stage. It was a very popular dance (also in Europe), which humoristically referred to the traditional dances of the black inhabitants from across the ocean. The drawing by Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz, which shows two dancers, is proof of his drawing talent and a satirical perception of the world.