District Museum in Suwalki
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Exhibition in the form
of panoramic presentation



The realisation of the presentation funded
as part of the programme EU Interreg Lietuva-Polska
Project: LT-PL-5R-389


Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz
photo Jan Bułhak, 1910-1912

Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz (1869–1927)
Polish painter, draughtsman and illustrator of books and magazines. Graduated from the Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts and from Académie Julian, a private painting school in Paris. He also studied in Munich under the tuition of Józef Brandt. For one academic term he was a director of the nude painting workshop at the Stefan Batory University in Vilnius. He specialised in genre painting. His favourite topics were horse markets, country fairs and horse drawn carriages in the narrow streets of Vilnius. He also frequently painted portraits, mainly idealised and drawn in delicate, subtle strokes. Whilst he briefly joined the modernist school of painting, his style also incorporated the motives and stylistic measures drawn from the Art Deco school. He belonged to the Vilnius modernist school of painting.