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Exhibition in the form
of panoramic presentation



The realisation of the presentation funded
as part of the programme EU Interreg Lietuva-Polska
Project: LT-PL-5R-389

„Ach!” cabaret

Title page of the programme
of the "Ach!" Cabaret VI from 1911

In 1907 Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz returned to Vilnius, his hometown. He rebuilt his relationships with his brothers and he made new friendships with, among others: Juliusz Kłos, Jan Bułhak and Michał Minkiewicz. He participated in the Vilnius social and artistic life. He was the “the soul of the party”. He had an affinity for jokes and ease of making new acquaintances. Michał Minkiewcz was the same. He was a medical doctor and a social activist. In 1908-1914 they both created the „Ach!“ Cabaret.
Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz directed the performances, prepared the costumes, designed the set and the cabaret publication. Michał Minkiewicz wrote the script: couplets, jokes, song lyrics and sketches. The actors came from the upper crust of the city by the Viliya River and the representatives of the finest lineages of the Vilnius Land including Gabriela Kunat from the court in Krasnogród. She was an object of infatuation of Czesław Miłosz.

Scenic joke in one act
created / written/ staged / and performed
instead of talent/ with esprit/ Mr Druszejko/ with Mr Bohusz
played in Vilnius
19 January 1909.

Druszejko was the stage name of Michał Minkiewicz and Bohusz was, of course, Stanisław Bohusz-Siestrzeńcewicz. Among actors there were: Mr Oskierka, Countess Drohojowska, Mr Colonna-Hattowski and Mr Koziełł-Poklewski, Mr Mineyko, Count Rostworowski and Broel-Plater, Misses Szostakowicz and Mr Haller. They played the roles of repenting souls, Mephisto, White Lady, American billionaire, but also butterflies and roosters. They danced czardas, minuet and Cake Walk. This grand party happened only once a year. Each Carnival Stanisław Bohusz- Siestrzeńcewicz together with Michał Minkiewicz created a new performance: funny, often commenting on Vilnius current affairs, city sensations or political disputes. Costume designs prepared by the artist delighted with originality and diversity. Everything dazzled with sharp wit, lightness and intelligent satire.